Organisational Change

Specialist Expertise to help you achieve your Organisational Change Goals

Organisational change and re-structuring can be a challenging, complex and emotive time. Remaining employees need attention and departing employees must be treated with dignity and respect. So whether you are Leading Teams through Change, Re-deploying or Transitioning people out of the business – Career Decisions has the expertise to help you achieve your Organisational Change Goals.

Career Decisions Organisational Transformation Programmes focus both on the process of the change as well as the people affected by the change.  We have a 29 year proven track record of helping companies to carefully plan for and achieve flawless implementation of their change initiatives. We empower leaders, teams and employees to embrace and accept the change and perform at high levels.

Our range of programmes and services are tailored to meet the needs of each specific client and we apply our expertise to help you maintain engagement, maximise productivity and minimise disruption, both during and after the change process.

Our Organisational Transformation Programmes and services include:

• Project Planning
• Coaching for Managers on Leading the Change
• Change Management Programmes
• Embedding the Change
• Career Planning
• Re-deployment
• Building Resilience
• Career Transition/Outplacement