Career Transition / Outplacement Coaching Programmes

  • “As a HR professional, I understand the need to provide support to employees who find themselves in a redundancy, career transition or indeed organisational change situation and as a result of my own extremely positive experience, I would wholeheartedly recommend the Career Decisions team to provide a professional and supportive service to guide individuals through those challenging times.”

    HR Manager Aviation Industry (Career Transition Coaching Programme)
  • “I would have no hesitation in recommending Career Decisions as a provider of an outplacement or transition programme to any company. They are a very flexible organisation and dovetail to meet the requirements of their customers. Miriam and Anne present a very credible and practical programme as a solution to companies in these circumstances. I have to say, that having experienced this service, they, together with their staff, deliver of what they promise.”

    Financial Controller Manufacturing (Career Transition Coaching Programme)
  • “Everyone that attended the Career Transition programmes really appreciated the content and the support and encouragement from the coaches. The Career Decisions coaches created a very relaxed atmosphere during the sessions and in the one-on-one’s which helped people to open up and gain more from the programme. The feedback from all attendees was very positive with some saying that they had fun and enjoyed the experience!”

    Managing Director Manufacturing Industry (Career Transition Coachng Programme)
  • “When faced with the prospect of redundancy after 22 years of continuous employment and 16 years within the same organisation, the whole process feels very overwhelming. I was grateful to be offered the support of Career Decisions by my employer. My Coach made the process easy and enjoyable. She was understanding of my situation but always kept me focused on my goal of finding new suitable employment. Thanks to her support and guidance, my transition back to employment was smooth”.

    Engineer Manufacturing (Career Transition Coaching Programme)
  • “Losing my job was not easy, at times I was fed up, frustrated and lost hope of finding another job. My coach was there for me throughout and always remained patient and positive. She was professional, encouraging and supportive. She pulled me up and helped me to start fresh again – I am extremely grateful for the support I got from Career Decisions”

    Supervisor Pharmaceutical (Career Transition Coaching Programme)
  • “Applying for jobs is daunting, especially when it had been over 15 years since I last went through this process! However, with the help of Career Decisions I found myself looking forward with confidence to this new chapter as opposed to dreading it. They were extremely professional, supportive and friendly and thanks to their expert help I secured a new job within 60 days. I would have no hesitation in recommending Career Decisions to anyone who is looking for Career Support”

    Production Manager Manufacturing (Career Transition Coaching Programme)
  • “The Self-Marketing Programme gave me the opportunity to focus; I was very lucky that I was called to interview for the first job I applied for. I was successful in getting that job. I’m looking forward to the future, to move on but I really don’t think it would have been possible without the help of the Career Decisions team. It’s really unbelievable how much care they really gave on a personal basis for each and every one of us.”

    PMM (Career Transition Coaching Programme)
  • “I was extremely happy with the Outplacement support provided by Career Decisions. They helped me to craft an excellent CV, coached me on interview preparation and gave me lots of tips and techniques which helped to calm my nerves. They brought focus and clarity to my job search and gave me the confidence to sell myself at interview”.

    Team Lead Financial Services (Career Transition Coaching Programme)
  • “Career Decisions were a joy to work with and I would like to thank you for all the help I received from preparation of an outstanding CV which contained much more detail and relevant information than I had previously considered, customised cover letters and in-depth interview preparation. The coaching I received throughout the process ensured I came through the experience of redundancy with confidence and helped me secure a new role – which I am really enjoying. Big thank you for an excellent service”.

    Manager Bio-Medical (Career Transition Coaching Programme)
  • “Career Decisions and especially my Coach were an invaluable resource and instrumental in me securing a job within 3 months of starting work with them. My Coach helped me regain momentum at a time when I was having a crisis of confidence. He was an unbiased and objective resource with a wealth of knowledge and experience of the jobs market. His genuine support and insight helped me to remain motivated and focused on my goals and to ultimately achieve success. I would highly recommend Career Decisions.”

    Senior Executive ICT (Career Transition Coaching Programme)

Organisation Restructure

  • ”In my experience, Career Decisions Ireland provides the most comprehensive Career Coaching solutions available today. Their team are highly experienced, results orientated, and their approach is to tailor their service to individual and corporate requirements. I am extremely happy to recommend their services to organisations going through change who require the expertise of a Career and Talent Management company.”

    HR Director Financial Services (Organisational Restructure)
  • “We faced many challenges over the duration of the project, and each time we were confronted with a new challenge the Career Decisions team were there with a number of solutions to solve the problem. However, the best part was that the Career Decisions team dedicated to our business worked so closely with me that they never became a ‘consultancy providing me with a service’ and they actually felt like part of the internal project team. It was a great personal pleasure to work with the Career Decision team and I really appreciated all of their support and coaching on this project. I would have no hesitation in recommending Career Decisions to any organisation who are considering using them.”

    HR Director Multinational Organisation (Organisation Restructure)

Plant Closure

  • “From a management perspective Career Decisions did a fantastic job. They were extremely efficient. They were flexible and adapted to our needs as required. Every request was no problem, a real can-do attitude. This programme certainly helped us to achieve our objective of transferring production to our China operation in a timely manner. We really needed the support of those who were losing their jobs to achieve this goal and the positive feedback from the outplacement programmes, I believe, was one of the key enablers in getting the support of our employees throughout the closure process.”

    Managing Director Manufacturing (Plant Closure)
  • “From the moment we engaged Career Decisions, the feedback from our staff was very positive. Everyone felt they gained as a result of the experience. The range of coaches that Career Decision provided was able to meet with the needs of all our employees from operative level, through to senior management. Their coaches were professional and emphatic towards our employees needs. Without a doubt, having Career Decisions on board during this difficult time allowed us to successfully close out operations. Even though employees were going through a difficult time, they were upbeat as a result of engaging in the programme”

    Financial Controller Manufacturing (Plant Closure)

Executive and Leadership Coaching

  • “Career Decisions Executive Coach enabled me to reach levels of performance faster and more effectively than if I was going it alone. Working with Career Decisions helped me to adopt a forward thinking approach and focus my time and effort where I was going to have the greatest impact”.

    New Appointed Senior Manager Semi-State (Executive Coaching)
  • “I can definitely trace many improvements in my professional and personal development as a direct outcome of the coaching service from Career Decisions. The coach helped me to examine my situation and identify my personal strengths and unlock my own potential to tackle difficult situations and push myself to meet challenges head on!”

    School Principal (Executive & Leadership Coaching for School Leaders Programme)
  • “Without exaggeration, I would say that the coaching experience made me a happier school leader and a happier person. It gave me a renewed enthusiasm for a job that I love. For me, coaching was the best piece of professional development that I have ever undertaken.”

    School Principal (Executive & Leadership Coaching for School Leaders Programme)
  • “Coaching for principals is a wonderful space to learn more about our leadership styles and consequently be able to lead our team from a place of greater understanding of ourselves and others.”

    School Principal (Executive & Leadership Coaching for School Leaders Programme)

Executive Education Programmes

  • “I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to participate in Career Decisions accredited Management Development Programme. Initially I was a little skeptical as I did not want to come away with yet more Management theory. My skepticism was short-lived as the programme was comprehensive, inspiring and above all practical. I emerged from the programme a more confident Manager equipped with new skills and competencies that I could immediately apply in my workplace”

    Senior Manager Hospitality Sector (Management Development Programme)
  • “I have come to appreciate how much my performance as a leader has improved during the last 8-10 months, and consequently, how much my team’s performance has improved, along with the impact this training course has had on my department’s performance through application of learning from the course.”

    Senior Manager MedTech (Diploma in High Performance Leadership)
  • “I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed my time on this course. I’ve learnt some valuable management and leadership tools and methods but most of all have developed a great mentor group within the course attendees”.

    Head of E-Banking Financial Services (Diploma in High Performance Leadership)
  • “The Coaching was brilliant, I use the Grow Model all the time now. From doing the course we have put team leaders in place which has allowed me to focus more on a strategic level. The other thing was to improve the whole communication side, Coaching and to adapt new models within the Business. The networking is fantastic, we are doing business with some of the companies I was doing the course with.

    Associate Director Recruitment (Diploma in High Performance Leadership)
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