“Applying for jobs is daunting, especially when it had been over 15 years since I last went through this process! However, with the help of Career Decisions I found myself looking forward with confidence to this new chapter as opposed to dreading it.  They were extremely professional, supportive and friendly and thanks to their expert help I secured a new job within 60 days. I would have no hesitation in recommending Career Decisions to anyone who is looking for Career Support”
Production Manager, Manufacturing
“Career Decisions and especially Tom were an invaluable resource and instrumental in me securing a job within 3 months of starting work with them.  Tom helped me regain momentum at a time when I was having a crisis of confidence.  He was an unbiased and objective resource with a wealth of knowledge and experience of the jobs market.  His genuine support and insight helped me to remain motivated and focused on my goals and to ultimately achieve success.  I would highly recommend Career Decisions and Tom”.
Senior Executive, ICT
“When faced with the prospect of redundancy after 22 years of continuous employment and 16 years within the same organisation, the whole process feels very overwhelming.  I was grateful to be offered the support of Career Decisions by my employer. My Coach made the process easy and enjoyable.  She was understanding of my situation but always kept me focused on my goal of finding new suitable employment.  Thanks to her support and guidance, my transition back to employment was smooth”.
Engineer, Manufacturing
“I was extremely happy with the Outplacement support provided by Career Decisions. They helped me to craft an excellent CV, coached me on interview preparation and gave me lots of tips and techniques which helped to calm my nerves.  They brought focus and clarity to my job search and gave me the confidence to sell myself at interview”.
Team Lead, Financial Services
“A big thank you to Career Decisions and especially Geraldine who did a great job in helping me update my CV and create social media profiles – something which I knew nothing about.  Thanks to my LinkedIn profile and new connections, I am now happily settled in my new job and enjoying the challenges of a new sector also”.
Manager, Retail
“Career Decisions were a joy to work with and I would like to thank you for all the help I received from preparation of an outstanding CV which contained much more detail and relevant information than I had previously considered, customised cover letters and in-depth interview preparation.   The coaching I received throughout the process ensured I came through the experience of redundancy with confidence and helped me secure a new role – which I am really enjoying.  Big thank you for an excellent service”.
Manager, Bio-Medical
“Losing my job was not easy, at times I was fed up, frustrated and lost hope of finding another job.  My coach was there for me throughout and always remained patient and positive.   She was professional, encouraging and supportive. She pulled me up and helped me to start fresh again – I am extremely grateful for the support I got from Career Decisions”
Supervisor, Pharmaceutical