Career Transition/ Outplacement

Transitioning employees to the next steps in their careers

Job loss is one of the top 10 most stressful life events. The immediate impact on the employee and family can be very real and the long-term impact of extended job loss can be even more significant.

Given the serious impact of job loss and the rapidly changing environment of job search, progressive organisations of all sizes provide impacted employees with Career Transition services and Outplacement.

Career Transition/Outplacement Coaching empowers your organisation’s transitioning employees to take the next steps in their careers. At the same time, these Career Transition services protect your company’s reputation and brand and show that you care about your employees.

We recognise that your people are your most important investment. They’re your brand advocates and your source for attracting new talent. This is why it is important to choose a reputable and experienced Career Transition/Outplacement partner who has a proven track record of working with organisations going through change such as downsizing, plant and office closures. No matter what your needs may be, our people-focused approach ensures positive outcomes for your brand and for your departing and remaining employees.

 25 years’ proven expertise in Career Transition/Outplacement

Career Decisions provides an unrivalled quality service and delivers personalised, tailored Career Coaching to position individuals for future success as they transition to new jobs, entrepreneurial opportunities or semi/retirement. We coach individuals through the process of evaluating their career, skills, values, achievements and interests and develop goals for Career Planning and Job-Search. 

Our A+ Personalised Approach

Our approach is anchored with a dedicated Personal Career Coach who works with clients to help them to accept their circumstances, learn and engage in their career decisions, and quickly find their next career/job opportunity. Our career transition services combine high-touch with high-tech to help candidates secure high quality job offers faster.

Our industry-leading Career Transition and Outplacement Programmes include:

  • Comprehensive Career Transition Programmes – includes one-to-one coaching to address topics such as career and self-assessment; job search strategy development and research skills; marketing campaign support to leverage social media and mobile technology; and interview skills.
  • New Start™ Programme – drives job search success through a blended delivery approach combining personalised career coaching, intensive group learning opportunities, online resources, Job Searcher and administrative support.
  • Maximiser™ Programme – is a customised one-to-one programme with 4, 5 or 6 individual coaching sessions, and includes access to our unique CareerDecisionMaker™ online scientific Career Assessment and our proprietary PowerMyCareer™ career portal for up to six months.

All participants on our Career Transition and Outplacement Programmes gain access to our award winning CareerDecisionMaker™ Career Assessments and a wide array of resources on our proprietary PowerMyCareer™ Career Portal, depending on their particular programme.

Our results speak for themselves –
Over 90% of our participants find new jobs within 3 months.

Since 1994, Career Decisions has been supporting organisations across all industry sectors to meet their Career Transition and Outplacement needs. Programme configurations range from highly personalised programmes to group workshops to blended programmes catering for employees at all levels. We provide tailored career coaching to all levels of employees, from entry-level employees, professionals, managers, C-suite executives and CEOs. Each candidate is assigned a Career Coach to coach them through the transition process.   Recognising that not all organisations and individuals have the same needs, Career Decisions takes pride in tailoring services to get the ‘fit’ exactly right.

Scalable Career Support – From 1 to 1,000+ People
Whether you need support for one-off exits or for mid-to-large downsizing/closure projects, we have a proven track record and extensive expertise in supporting some of Ireland’s largest restructuring, redundancy, redeployment and closure projects across both the private and public sectors over the past 25 years.

Online Delivery during COVID-19
Career Decisions has a reputation for offering a very personalised service and we continue to do so during the COVID-19 crisis, with all our services being delivered online via video, Zoom, Skype and our Career Portal – PowerMyCareer™.   We have always had a very strong digital offering and work with clients across Ireland and internationally, which means that we are fully able to continue working with our clients despite the current coronavirus difficulties. 

Summary of our Career Transitions Services include:

  • Organisational Change/Redesign
  • Design, Communicate, Implement Redundancy & Redeployment Plan
  • Coaching for Managers – Leading the Change
  • Fully Outsourced Outplacement Project Management
  • CareerDecisionMaker™ – My Future, What’s Next Programme
  • Career Transition/Outplacement:
    • Executive/Management Outplacement
    • Individual Outplacement
    • Group Outplacement
    • Semi/Retirement
    • Start Your Own Business

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