Leaders are Guardians of Organisational Energy; the collective force that enables organisations and their individual employees #achieve their #goals.

Our CEO, Miriam Magner Flynn, describes how leaders safeguard #organisationalenergy:

1.        : Leaders model the #attitudes and #behaviours they want to see in their team, inspiring others to follow their example. A leader can set the right tone for the organisation by exuding positive energy and enthusiasm, and by demonstrated resilience during challenging times.

2.       : Leaders foster a culture of #trust#collaboration, and #support, which cultivates a positive work environment. They encourage open communication, celebrate successes, and provide constructive feedback.

3.        : Leaders empower their team members by #delegating authority, providing #opportunities for growth and development, and recognising individual contributions. By giving employees #autonomy and responsibility, leaders help them feel valued and motivated to perform at their best.

4.        : Leaders recognise that employees who are physically and mentally healthy are better able to contribute #positively to their organisations. Good leaders prioritise the #wellbeing of their team members by promoting work-life balance and supporting initiatives that foster health and wellness.


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