Organisational Change Webinar

  We are delighted to have partnered with Guaranteed Irish to bring you a webinar "Organisational Change - Reshape, Restructure, Reposition and Rebuild a Powerful Organisation for the Future". In this 30 minute webinar, Miriam Magner Flynn CEO of Career Decisions - Career Transition & Organisational Change Experts, will demonstrate using practical examples the importance of ...

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Geraldine Tobin (RIP) Our long-time friend and colleague

Geraldine Tobin – RIP It is with great sadness that we share with you the passing of our long-time friend and colleague, Geraldine Tobin, who passed away after a long-term illness. Geraldine was at the heart of our business in Career Decisions for 12 years. Geraldine was a very kind, bright, intelligent, and highly capable ...

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Career Decisions Ireland joins Guaranteed Irish

Career Decisions Ireland is delighted to announce our membership of Guaranteed Irish. As Ireland’s number one brand for Career Transition, Outplacement & Organisational Change, we have been leading the way with our home grown brand for over 25 years. The Guaranteed Irish symbol is awarded to companies who create quality jobs, contribute to local communities and ...

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‘Leadership is tested during a Crisis’ Miriam Magner Flynn CEO & Thought Leader

Our founder and CEO Miriam Magner Flynn has been featured in many publications across the world, but it is with a sense of pride that we feature in our local newspaper,  The Limerick Leader,  this week. As Ireland’s leading Career Transition, Organisational Change and People Development firm Miriam shared her world-class expertise on Leadership during a ...

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How to master Job Hunting during the Corona virus

Not every industry has slowed down during the spread of the coronavirus and in fact some organisations are hiring and have an increased demand for workers such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, retail, drivers, transport, digital marketing, web designers etc.. Do you know who gets hired during an economic downturn? Those people who don't stop job searching. ...

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Career Advice Column: Upskill – Develop a new Skill

 Upskill – Develop a new Skill:  “Now is a good time to upskill and develop new skills in preparation for the future world of work" said Miriam,  Founder & Managing Director of Career Decisions Ireland.   Employees should use this time of self-isolation to learn a new skill or to complete a course that will ...

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Career Advice Column: Problems are Opportunities in disguise

Problems are Opportunities in disguise “The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” — Winston Churchill Amid the COVID-19 crisis there will be opportunities. If you have lost your job or have been laid off, you should take this time to reflect and see this as a journey ...

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SUPPORTING YOUR PEOPLE & ORGANISATION IMPACTED BY COVID-19 If you are experiencing job loss due to COVID-19, Career Decisions are happy to share their expertise to help you. People react to job losses the same way as the loss of anything significant in their lives — they grieve. It can seem overwhelming with so much ...

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Leading your People and Organisation through COVID-19 Crisis

There is no doubt that leadership is tested during a crisis, as experts in Leadership Development we have received many calls this week from clients on how to lead and show leadership during this time. We are happy to share our expertise so that we can all do our very best to serve our employees, ...

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