There is no doubt that leadership is tested during a crisis, as experts in Leadership Development we have received many calls this week from clients on how to lead and show leadership during this time. We are happy to share our expertise so that we can all do our very best to serve our employees, our clients, our community and our country.

1: Communication is key: Inform, connect, motivate and inspire your team. Display positivity and optimism.

2: Lead with Empathy & show Compassion: Safety and well-being comes first. Minimise any risk to your team, employees, organisation and the wider community.

3: People come first: Ensure your people feel a sense of belonging and feel connected. Acknowledge their contributions during this difficult time and reinforce positivity.

4: Trust: Be approachable, engage the with your team by acknowledging their concerns and fears. With trust everyone is better aligned around a shared mission and the strategy to navigate through the crisis.

5: Courage, Decisive & Adaptable: As a Leader you must quickly adapt and make decisions when needed. It is vital to show leadership presence be it remotely or otherwise, this will give clarity and composure.

6: Listen: Listen to those around you, acknowledge feedback and learn from the experience for future crises.

7: Honesty: Show consistency between what you say and what you do. Understand what your team need to know and communicate facts while being considerate of their effort and sensitive to their feelings.

8: Control the Chaos: Take control and try to avoid panic, only get advice from trusted sources e.g., Department of Health.

9: Create Meaning & Purpose: If working remotely help prevent isolation and loneliness by setting up daily virtual meetings and encouraging structure e.g. breaks, exercise.

10: Skills & Experience: Remind people of their skills and experience in dealing with change. Ensure the necessary resources are put in place for employees to navigate through the change.



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