Upskill – Develop a new Skill:

 “Now is a good time to upskill and develop new skills in preparation for the future world of work” said Miriam,  Founder & Managing Director of Career Decisions Ireland.


Employees should use this time of self-isolation to learn a new skill or to complete a course that will enable you to come out of this crisis armed with new skills, learning and increased employability.  New skills will help your marketability & make you more employable either within your own organisation or in external organisations.

 “My team and I have used this time of crisis to upskill on the use technology. As a result of this upskilling, we are now using technology which is very user friendly to deliver Individual Career Transition Coaching and Executive Coaching to hundreds of people across organisations nationwide, all of whom are working from home. We are also using this technology to facilitate group workshops and deliver group training sessions to people in multi-locations.  The feedback is that the sessions are very effective and enjoyable. Upskilling has made this new mode of delivery possible and has ensured the continuity of business for Career Decisions.” said Miriam.

Check out some of the many free online courses eg.the Education & Training Boards ,Griffith College and Take this opportunity to sign up for a free course to upskill and increase your employability

We’re not just here because of a crisis.

We have always been here.

For you – our clients, our network and our community.

Serving our clients throughout Ireland and internationally for 25 years, we’re here for you.

We are here to help, whether through Career Transition, Outplacement, Organisational Change, Executive Coaching and Leadership/People Development. It’s what we do best because it’s what we’ve ALWAYS done.